When college student Audrey (Sanderson) witnesses what she thinks is a boogeyman in her closet, she calls up the college radio station and tells the show host Sarah (Cahill) about the incident. Sarah doesn’t believe her and thinks she’s suicidal. Arriving at her place, she finds Audrey being strangled by the boogeyman. When others arrive on the scene, it looks as if Audrey had hanged herself.

Sarah tries to convince her friends at her dorm of the existence of the boogeyman as the killings continue, and this evil force grows in power. Now it’s up to her to stop the murders before the bloodshed spreads all over campus.

Horror films tend to make any kind of excuse of a story as the premise for their horror scenes. The plot in Boogeyman 3 revolves around a bunch of self-indulgent students, so you already have no sympathy for any of the characters from the very start. It’s just an overdone formula of college students only concerned with the shallow matters in life, which means there’s no room for character development. Even worse, the slasher scenes are so typical; they’re actually boring.

Boogeyman 3’s cast is dreadful and the script is so poor; it’s laughable. It’s embarrassing to say that it was actually a pleasure to watch the characters get killed off.A major weakness in the script is the concept that the boogeyman grows in power when more people believe in him; so Sarah's struggle to convince people of his existence is possibly the dumbest thing she could do.

There’s not even enough blood and gore in the film to qualify it as a slasher film. There are brief moments of the obviously fake blood and cheesy scenes, such as the girl who’s dragged under the bed, where the camera angle is supposed to enhance the scene's intensity, but fails miserably in doing so.

Boogeyman 3 was originally released back in 2008 as a direct-to-DVD release, which is another reason why it should be avoided. The only scary thing about Boogeyman 3 is the realisation that you’ve actually wasted time watching this film.