What are we Cairenes to do when we need major relaxation but we’re too busy to get away for the weekend? Well, there’s only one good solution– day use– and if you want to do day use in style; we recommend the Intercontinental Cairo City Stars. Day use at the Intercontinental includes a poolside room, up to 150LE per person for food and drink as well as all-day access to the pool, a gym and a health and wellness centre. Spend an afternoon at the Intercontinental; and we guarantee that you will feel fresh and fabulous again.

The large outdoor pool wraps around a gigantic glass pyramid. With sections for children and adults, the pool extends from 3ft to 8ft-deep. It’s not ideal for laps; but it’s perfect for a casual swim. The best part of this pool is the in-pool bar. That’s right, there’s nothing like eating a hot lunch and a cold drink while still sitting in the pool. The burger (60LE) is deliciously juicy, though the veggie pizza (50LE) was mediocre. Note: the pool bar serves alcoholic drinks, including cocktails (50LE to 70LE) and beer (30LE). Fresh juices (20LE to 30LE) are also available.

The poolside lounging area is a great place to sunbathe, with umbrellas available for those who prefer the shade. Mid-afternoon, the staff offers guests complimentary popsicles made of fresh mango, strawberry and guava juices that are delicious in the summer heat.

The health and wellness centre is not to be missed. There’s a state-of-the-art gym that has virtually every machine you’d ever need including pulley machines, treadmills and free weights. There are also rooms for billiards, squash, pilates and boxing. Separate locker rooms for men and women branch into steam rooms, saunas and jacuzzis that will melt all of your body’s tension away. There is also a hydro-pool, which is one of Cairo’s largest hot tubs, and is open for men and women.

Our poolside room was like stepping into heaven: terrycloth robes and slippers, a fully stocked bathroom with complimentary goodies, a shaded balcony overlooking the pool and lounge area, and the most comfortable bed that we’ve ever rested on.

Day use at Intercontinental Cairo City Stars allows you to use the facilities from 10AM to 8PM. A single room costs 830LE, while a double room costs 980LE. While it’s certainly one of the most expensive day use options; we still highly recommend it if you can afford it. We’re definitely going back!