With the release of their debut album Turn on the Bright Lights in early 2002, American indie rock band Interpol took the New York City music scene by storm. Their unique sound stems from thumping bass and sequential guitars, which have linked them to other bands from the post-punk scene. Since their debut, though; there’s been a change in pace, and attitude for that matter.

Releasing three albums in over ten years has secured serious commercial success for the band and landed them at the top of the charts worldwide. However, their move from Matador Records to Capital in 2006 not only set them on a more serious mainstream path; but it also provided only one good track: 'Rosemary.'

In early September 2010, Interpol released their newest album, and they did so with some shameless audacity by self-titling their fourth album. Regardless of the reasoning behind such a move, Interpol’s sound cannot be ignored. However, after listening to their set of ten tracks from beginning to end, we found our anticipation completely exasperated.

The repetitious drum beats and guitar riffs in the opening track ‘Success’ don’t back the lyrics very well. Vocalist Paul Banks prides himself on being a good guy, and he continues to sing about mundane nothingness. The tambourine in tow adds a little something and lifts the song to a better place.

‘Summer Well’ introduces the listener to a bluesy, bass undertone while the smoky vocals pair well and kick off the song with a different sound. He’s begging for his lover back and it just might work.

Closing the album with a potentially moving track, ‘The Undoing’ takes us into uncharted territories with its hopeless call of regret and failure. The song seems sweet but it lacks skilled execution of their musical capabilities, or lack thereof, with its repetitious and melancholic sound.

For an eponymous album, we were expecting a little more depth and a new adventure or two; but Interpol brings little to the table. Sticking to Turn on the Bright Lights and Antics will probably be your best bet.