Through begging words, teary pleas and acoustic pop music, British singer/songwriter James Blunt’s claim to fame came in 2005 with his debut album Back to Bedlam, which featured the unforgettable ‘You’re Beautiful’ and ‘Goodbye My Lover’. Blunt returns now with a third album that will definitely appeal to fans of his earlier hits.

Though his high-pitched vocals aren’t a favourite for some, Blunt’s melancholic but poignant and relatable lyrics help make his songs memorable. His newest record Some Kind of Trouble doesn’t stray much from that aim, while adding spice to some songs with a happier twist.

Some Kind of Trouble is a strong attempt by Blunt to get out of the miserable zone of singing about heartbreaks and loneliness. To some extent he succeeds in doing so on the previously-released cheerful single 'Stay the Night', which has some skip-along, perky beats, and the acoustic ballad 'These Are The Words', which highlights a mild 80s feel. The 80s feel continues with a sudden turn to electric tunes on ‘Superstar', where Blunt’s trademark repetitive high notes might leave some listeners complaining.

Just as he almost gets away with a distress-free album, he sets the album’s general mood back down with the usual deep, overly self-pitying lyrics on the tracks ‘No Tears’ and ‘Heart of Gold’.

Most of the lyrics are as profound as in his previous songs, except for the overly cheesy ‘I’ll Be Your Man’. Nonetheless, they are more positive, which is a nice upside to the new album.

While James Blunt’s talent is vastly improving, we can’t help but wonder if the hit ‘You’re Beautiful’ was just beginner’s luck. While Some Kind of Trouble is a nice record to listen to and even has a couple of songs that are likely to be replayed over and over, it lacks a standout hit that would make it another unforgettable album.