When it comes to secret recipes that involve alcohol, it’s best to tread lightly, or be forewarned.

Deals Pub 14 in Mohandiseen, the fifth satellite of the Deals Pub chain, offers a healthy range of imported spirits and classic cocktails served strong. But as happy-go-lucky types at Cairo 360, we were taken by the allure of its off-menu specials.

Really, who could resist drinks with monikers like Flaming Angry Dragon, Black Death, Avatar, and Golden Man? Certainly not us; we sampled them all. Golden Man?!?

Of the four the Flaming Angry Dragon holds nothing back. Gussied up in a martini glass and lit aglow, the drink is a standard showstopper mixing in shots of Kahlua, Sambuca, tequila and rum. Traditionally, Sambuca is burnt before sipping to intoxicate both the gustatory and olfactory senses. Wafts of the Italian, anisette liquor remove the medicinal bite to the drink and drown us in a liquorice bath. One or two of these fiery drinks and the show’s over, dead and done.

The three remaining contenders are served tall, dark and handsome in various shades, but like a blind date, their ingredients remain a mystery.

Tinted purple and the strongest of the round, the Black Death would be better called the 'Purple Plague'. Our guess is grape. But scouring the net, we found different recipes that included black Sambuca or Butterscotch Schnapps amid a splash of assorted alcohols like vodka and Blue Curacao. Go figure. All we do know is that the drink was too clinical for our taste buds, but if you’re into grapes or cough syrup, it’s nothing short of ambrosial.

The Avatar, likely dubbed after James Cameron’s film, is a giant appletini, green as Emerald City and light as apple juice. But don’t be deceived. Take a sip of the green elixir and let it marinate in your mouth for a second, and you’ll surely feel the vodka whirling.

Idols, trophies or warm fetishes come to mind with the name of our final tasting, and it’s good as gold. The Golden Man is our top pick of Deals’ secret stash. Pineapple cuts through the light, refreshing drink that could be best described as a liquid version of a white gummy bear.

Sampling Deals’ specials dropped us head first into a rabbit hole, wounding us sunken deep into the next day and our pockets shallow. Before opting for off-menu specials, be sure to inquire about prices; there’s a reason why they’re not listed. The four drinks came to a total of 355LE before 10% and 12% additional charges, with Angry Dragon topping at 120LE alone and the Golden Man, the most affordable special at 70LE.

To absorb the splurge, we went with an order of Cheesed Off (35LE), a hearty cheeseburger with a side of fries and coleslaw - well worth the bill.

Distinct from its sister branches, Deals Pub 14 takes up the entire top floor of the Swiss Inn Hotel and features billiards, dart boards and décor fit for a classy gentleman’s club. The low ceilings, recessed lighting, high wooden stools, comfy couches, plush carpeting, mahogany panels, chandeliers and sconces call for suspenders, cigars and a cigarette girl to match.

Fatten up but don't drink yourself flat.