When Ramadan rolls around, most of us end our long day of fasting with an elaborate, ample meal, often gorging way more than necessary. A great restaurant for such a fetar is Tempo, located in Allegria Compound in the Cairo suburb of Sheikh Zayed. Tempo occupies a villa with an indoor eating area as well as an outdoor eating area overlooking the Greg Norman signature golf course. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner all year round, Tempo also offers an open buffet for Ramadan.

On a random Ramadan Monday, the buffet offered succulent shish kabab and shish kofta, rice with cinnamon and nuts, as well as whole chicken pieces in a red sauce, a variety of grilled and steamed vegetables, and Chinese noodles with meatballs. Patrons also had a choice of soups: chicken vermicelli and cream of potato. Also on the menu were meat cubes in a brown glaze, puréed potato, and courgettes with béchamel sauce.

Already set on the table upon our arrival ten minutes before fetar were glasses of karkadeh and amar el din and appetisers such as kobeba, cheese sambousak and a plate of foul, in addition to salad, pickled cucumbers, baba ghanough and tehina.

As for our main meal, the rice was surprisingly very close, if not identical, to its homemade counterpart. The meat cubes in a brown glaze were perfectly cooked; neither too tough nor falling part, which is an achievement in itself. The steamed veggies were a bit overcooked, but the grilled veggies were textbook perfection.

The dessert corner offered perfectly cooked, velvety crème brûlée, crème caramel, om ali, and chocolate mousse, all of which were pre-prepared in individual serving cups and mini-bowls. The dessert corner also served freshly cut fruits such as mango, pineapple, watermelon and plums.

The mousse cup had a layer of soggy rice crispies at the bottom, but the mousse itself was very rich and well-made. The amar el din fell short of the homemade version by being too watered down, but the karkadeh compensated by being on point in its perfect ratio of sweetness to tanginess.

Luckily the weather was quite pleasant, coupled with a set of outdoor fans that kept a steady breeze wafting our way. A large outdoor screen featured a selection of Ramadan TV programming, as did the flat-screen TV set indoor to accommodate the indoor eating area.

Part of Tempo also serves as a golfing shop catering to the golf course's users, many of whom came straight from the course to fetar. The décor is casual chic, with the interior furnished in contemporary neutral-coloured pieces. A wall of bookshelves invites you to have a read if you’re flying solo for breakfast or a midday coffee.

The price of 123LE per person covers everything already set on the table and offered at the buffet. You will be charged for sodas, juices and hot drinks. But for this rate, the offerings and their quality, along with the atmosphere and the view were a definite hit with this reviewer.