Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with branches all over Cairo Metro is the favourite supermarket of many Egyptians and expats alike.

The supermarket's Zamalek branch is located on the ground floor of a dusty building complex on the corner of Ismail Mohamed Street, which makes it hard to spot unless you see employees unloading goods down the stairs from a clearly labelled Metro truck.

This chain has a brilliant delivery service; but you have to be very specific about the items that you order or they might mess it up. However, delivery time is short and they stock all of your essential grocery needs.

Meat at Metro Market is moderately prices with a kilo of minced meat at 60LE (the more lean kind will set you back a little extra) and a fresh whole chicken at 18LE. Most of the butchers at the counters are patient, considerate of your needs and knowledgeable in both foreign and domestic cuts.

The deli counter is extensive, boasting imported cheese brands that are not commonly found in Cairo. Although prices run a little high for these cheeses, a regular order of roumi or cheddar cheese won’t cost you much at all. Make sure to try their low-salt roumi cheese (33LE a kilo); one of the best cheeses that our city has to offer. They also stock a wide range of pickles, olives and fresh salads as well as dips such as tehina and baba ghanough. Smoked meats are available too; be sure to sample their air-thin and not-too-salty basterma meat.

The produce at Metro can be rather pricey compared to street vendors all over Cairo, However, they tend to package most of their greens and the germaphobe in us is very appreciative of that. They stock both local and imported produce, so you can find organic fruits and veggies by local companies such as Sekem and Pico, not just hormone injected, mass-produced imports.

Speaking of organic; products by local companies Wadi Foods and Dina Farms are well-stocked at Metro, including Dina Farms’ organic fresh milk and yogurt, and Wadi Foods’ olive oils, olive pastes and tomato sauces.

One downside to this chain is that not all its branches stock the same merchandise: while they all have the same greens and baked goods, your favourite shower gel might be missing from one branch with no chance of restocking anytime soon.

Another thing this supermarket lacks is a healthy supply of well-priced snacks. Although they stock an extensive collection of imported chips, chocolates and cereals, the items often seem outdated with most of their packaging bruised up and messy. Metro also seems to prefer stocking up on imported goods rather than Egyptian snacks, with Chipsy and Rotato bags spread extremely sparsely on their shelves.

The Zamalek branch doesn’t stock any dishes or kitchen utensils, but you can find a corner carrying paper and dispensable utensils and cups, while another carries light-bulbs, extension cords and a small collection of mugs. Aside from that, Metro is a well-stocked supermarket in the strictest sense of the word.