The age-old proverb ‘Size doesn’t matter’ really applies to Egypt’s newest addition to supermarket chains, Spinney’s.

With countless aisles as far as the eye could see, the supermarket's branch at Citystars really does stock almost everything. They carry all the leading brands (and some obscure ones) for all your basic culinary and home needs. Shampoos, detergents, packaged dairy products; you name it – they’ve got it.

A great thing about Spinney’s is that their aisles are strategically arranged; so you won’t have to run from one end of the humungous store to the other for a bottle of water after you’ve finished picking your soda – the most relevant items are stacked together in adjacent aisles.

However, the fresh food sections are disappointing for an international chain: as soon as you hit the produce section, you’re greeted with a disturbing smell of fish, produce and Dettol all wrapped up in one whiff.

While their produce section is huge and offers both local and imported products (you can get the ever-elusive pineapple here), it was hardly impressive. At the time of this reviewer’s visit; the display was muddled and many of the fruits and veggies had some serious bruises. The items here are slightly more expensive than you would get them at a street vendor, and not really all that much better in quality.

Though cheese rarely makes an appearance on their deli counter; Spinney’s does pack an overwhelming variety of local deli meats that you can buy by the kilo (69LE for smoked luncheon). Next to their deli counter is a quaint display of ancient-looking barrels, packed with spices (not all fresh) and pickles, which probably look better than they taste.

If you’re insistent on cheese, Spinney’s carries endless brands of packaged types, mostly local with a couple of imported cheeses like everyone’s favourite rotten blue cheese, straight from Germany (7LE).

Spinney’s also carries a huge collection of home appliances and electronics at the last bunch of aisles at the east side of the store. Most televisions here are either Hisense or Samsung; and while they may not be the best of brands, they are better options for the price-conscious consumer.

This place also has a huge section dedicated to clothing; and while we advise against buying clothes from a wall-mart equivalent, there were a couple of cheap quality polo shirts for around 40LE that seemed acceptable.

Just as big as Carrefour but not as good, Spinney’s is a good option if you’re looking for a cheap printer, television or some ‘enlightening’ local cologne.