When you’re out shopping in Cairo, nothing is better than knowing exactly what you need, buying it and going home satisfied. However, when shops are so large you can easily get lost in them and when hundreds of items catch your eye, it’s becoming increasingly hard to make a quick purchase; especially if you're shopping in a tempting mall like Citystars.

That temptation doubles when it comes to accessory shopping, of which there is plenty in this Cairo mall. Luckily, there are also many small booths throughout the mall that can make shopping easier and a lot more practical. Among this reviewer’s favourites is Hoopla, an accessory booth that holds in its tiny space more than the eye can see.

Hoopla stocks a great deal of colourful bracelets (starting at 20LE), most of which are made of plastic but in very good quality. There are also varied collections of short and long necklaces with classic glass stones, heart-shaped locks or creative Arabic calligraphy (35LE). Silver items can be polished for free so that they regain their original shine.

Besides accessories, Hoopla has a bunch of practical yet appealing items that easily attract passers-by such as makeup bags (35LE) available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Glittery wallets, hair accessories and photo frames are some of the products that make Hoopla worth checking out.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because they have a shop in City Centre Mall in Nasr City, which happens to be very close to Citystars. The great thing about the Citystars branch is that you can stop by the booth and shop in between checking out the many shops on either side.

Hoopla may be a small booth; but it is filled with many accessories in colourful varieties that will suit every taste and be friendly on the budget at the same time.