Located across from Zara Home in the massive Mall of Arabia in 6th of October City, adL is one of those shops that you could easily walk past and ignore because – at first glance – it may not have the trendiest and funkiest clothing in the mall. However, a thorough browse through the spacious shop will definitely lead you to some great fashion finds.

adL’s clothing is very feminine, and many of its items are layered and loosely fit with thin belts at the waist, making this a great brand for veiled women and others keen to avoid skin-tight clothing. That being said, this reviewer did spot a collection of skinny, low waist jeans (269LE) in white, beige, dark blue and a faded blue, as well as a few short dresses.

A long white dress with a peach empire waist sash and v-neckline had a pastel butterfly and flower pattern, while another ankle-length dress in a plain cappuccino dress retailed for 500LE; a little pricey in this reviewer’s opinion considering that its cut and fabric made it reminiscent of lower-end brands. A more affordable option was the heavily ruffled mini dress for 199LE, available in blue, white and beige; though you might need some leggings underneath.

A thorough browse through the racks led this reviewer to some happy discoveries, such as the beige wide-legged trousers with high-waist belt, or the loose peach dresses with thin grey belts and the flower v-neck short dresses with fitted waists. This reviewer also loved the ‘pembe’ short and layered dress in a faded rose pink (600LE), and the strapless ‘empire’ jumpsuit in beige with its hummingbird and flower pattern (around 600LE), which was sadly lined and so a little too thick and heavy for a day at the beach.

There are several pretty tops in shades of peach and beige, both of which are trendy colours this year, with features such as lace trimming or gauze details. Casual smart tops range between 200LE and 300LE, while plain t-shirts and tank tops range between 90LE and 140LE.

This reviewer ignored the shop’s boring nautical collection and obligatory black collection, as well as the stonewashed jeans with massive bejewelled side pockets (399LE) on display in the window. Some of the brand’s accessories are undeniably pretty, such as the woven tanned leather belts and the thin belts (around 130LE) with painted flowers, or the canvas purses (169LE) with faded pink flower details. A few large clutches with flower patterns (around 300LE) and a Missoni-like woven pattern caught this reviewer’s eye, as did a few large leather bags in sedated grey, camel brown and black with large clasp details.

Some clothing in adL can go overboard on the frills and flowers, but there are other items that are undeniably pretty and trendy. This brand is great if you’re looking for loose, colourful tunics, pretty shift dresses, flower patterns galore and lace detail.