If there’s one thing that's true in this world, it’s that you can definitely never have too many shoes – guys and girls. Hush Puppies in Citystars has quite a collection that is variable to an extent, yet they don't seem appealing enough- even for a dedicated shoe addict- to stand out in the midst of all the affordable, practical shoes shops that have taken over Cairo.

A look at the dozen or so pairs in each of the three departments for women, men and children will give the impression that these shoes have been on the shelves for at least two years, and their styles don't suggest otherwise.

The quality of leather and fabrics of the shoes are very good, though; their smooth leather is both comfortable and chic-looking. A pair of high heeled plain black shoes will set you back 750LE. However, you can find a more impressive pair of gold sandals for 600LE and they are definitely more comfortable.

Though you’ll almost certainly find one type of shoe to your liking, there aren’t many choices of within each style. Classic brown short-heeled shoes (500LE) can be found next to ballet flats (188LE), which sit right beside flowery flip flops (300LE); wherever you look, there’s something different, for better and for worse.

Most of the items in the men’s section look almost exactly the same. A basic pair starts at 700LE and there’s a small section where you can find leather flip-flops for 400LE. There's also quite a lot of shoe care items for leather and fabric sneakers, which are available for many colours and start from 39LE.

The kids’ department is the smallest section of all. In fact, you can easily miss it if you’re not looking thoroughly through the ladies’ department, as it is right next to it. Hush Puppies may well be the owner of the tiniest shoes on the face of earth, and though this thumb-sized footwear cost 200LE, it’s hard to resist buying it.

Hush Puppies also provide accessories such as socks and shades with quirky designs, like the huge-framed glasses with red leopard print (300LE). A couple of not-so-eye-catching handbags hang on the wall of the store, but will do if you’re looking for a plain, well-made leather bag which can cost around 500LE.

Despite the cute puppy logo sympathetically staring at you, Hush Puppies isn’t a store to fall in love with from the first visit. You might be lucky and find what you’re looking for, but due to the limited number of options, this might not always be the case.