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Fatburger: Sitting Somewhere Between Gourmet & Fast-Food

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Omar Yousry
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Fatburger: Sitting Somewhere Between Gourmet & Fast-Food

It’s not news to say that burger restaurants have been a major food trend in Cairo for the past couple of years with venues like Mince, Salt, Brgr Truck and others standing as some of the most popular eateries in the city. However, that hasn’t meant that there’s no space on Cairo’s gastro-map for more.

Fatburger is a bit isolated when it comes to it location; set up at the Cairo-Alex Desert Road exit, it stands as a last chance to get a bite to eat before heading out on the long road ahead.

The restaurant has a classic diner aesthetic with an open kitchen where you can see your food being made in front of you, while the menu is simple and to-the-point in serving a typical burger place items.

We started with one of the restaurants signature appetisers, the Fat Wings (28LE). Topped with BBQ sauce, the tender chicken boasted crispy breading and a smoky aftertaste, with a sweet backdrop.

Moving to the sandwiches, we chose the Double (20LE) Crispy chicken (60LE combo) with a side of skinny fries topped with some chilli (10LE) and cheese (6LE) for an extra kick.

The fries tasted like typical off the shelf fries, but were topped with smooth melted cheddar cheese and salty chilli that gave it some extra flavour. The sandwich had two crunchy fried chicken breasts topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise and, although overall nice, the chicken had a slight oily aftertaste.

We also tried the Double (20LE) Mushroom Swiss Fat Burger (59LE combo), which was topped with Swiss cheese and mushrooms. The cheese was a bit scarce in this one, but came with a healthy serving of mushroom; the patty had a great gamey aftertaste full with flavour and juiciness.

Last but not least, we couldn’t leave without trying the Colossal Quad Burger (108LE combo). The behemoth of a burger had four patties topped with lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise. The burger was dripping with juice and had a formidable look to it; however, it was still conquerable, with every beef infused bite bursting with flavour and aroma.

Our only issue is that although the beef itself was juicy, the sandwich as a whole was a bit dry and could have been enhanced a bit more with some special sauce..

Fatburger calls itself the last great burger stand, and in a way it is; it’s one of the best fast food burger joints around, but falls short when compared to more gourmet burger restaurants. It’s definitely worth a try before heading out to that open road, though.

Best Bit

The burgers were great.

Worst Bit

Fast-food burgers at gourmet burger prices.

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