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The Best New Restaurants & Cafes of 2016

The Best New Restaurants & Cafes of 2016
    written by
    Ramy Soliman

    When it comes to dining in Cairo, keeping up with the new restaurant and cafe openings around the capital is no easy task – the economy might have taken a hit in 2016, but that hasn’t affected the flow of new openings too severely.

    But of all the new arrivals, only a handful have been up to the fierce competition and brought something special to the scene. We’ve gathered our picks for the newcomers  of 2016 who have stood out head and shoulders above the rest with unique concepts, strong identities and, of course, delicious food.

    Mo Bistro


    Besides their mouth-watering Flank Steak, which is enough reason to be on the list in itself, Mo Bistro in Mohandiseen managed to present fine dining in a casual setting that suits the Egyptian taste. Read the full review here.



    From the spinach-stuffed pumpkin kobeba and the Cilantro-infused sausage, to the beetroot and mango salad and sweet potato and tahini dip, the exquisite twists Battaw adds to Middle Eastern food are a marvel. Find out more here.



    It’s not easy to standout as an Italian restaurant, but it’s a different story when you have a ‘New Italian Cuisine’ section on your menu. Tavolino’s modern takes on Italian food and one-of-a-kind flavours on are to-die-for. Read the full review here.

    Espresso Lab


    Whether you like it Chemex, French Press, or Aeropress, your morning coffee will definitely be better at Espresso Lab, especially with a side of Caramel Cheesecake. Everyone is going crazy over their pure concentrated cold brew coffee – which you can read more about here.



    When Japanese and Peruvian cuisines unite, the result is sushi rolls drizzled with citrusy Peruvian Leche De Tigre, Yakiniku Rib Eye with Apple Chalaquita, and much, much more. Izakaya has brought one of the biggest culinary trends to Cairo and pulled it off spectacularly. Check out what we had to say when we paid a visit here.

    Joe’s Chocolate Bar


    It might not have a signature dessert like other places of its kind, but perfecting classic items is the reason why everyone is in love with Joe’s Chocolate Bar. The Molten Chocolate Cake will melt your heart with its sweet-tooth satisfying flavours. Find out more here.



    Not only do they make juicy old school burgers and scrumptious fried chicken sandwiches, but Salt also recently launched a ‘Secret Menu’ with some mighty fine sandwiches, making it easily the best new fast food restaurant in 2016. Read the full review here.



    Another hit this year by Izakaya’s owners, Peruvian and Mexican restaurant, Mezcal, offers top-notch Tacos, Tostadas and Tres Leches in a chic interior and elegant ambience, as well as a bar. Who would’ve thought that Mexican cuisine and fine dining could work in such harmony? Check out the full review here.

    Little Ovio


    Zamalek’s Little Ovio offers sandwiches with top-notch ingredients, a Greek yogurt bar and not the advantage of not having to go all the way to ‘Big’ Ovio in Shiekh Zayed or Maadi. Worth visiting for best salted caramel doughnuts alone. Read the full review here.

    El Chico


    Tex-Mex franchise, Chico, returned to Cairo this year with their out of this world Grande Brisket Burrito and chimichangas in tow. It took El Chico six-plus years to come back, but better late than never.

    Tamara Elna


    With Mori Sushi, Ted’s, Mince and, of course, Tamara in their repertoire, Mori Co., this year introduced Tamara Elna – like Tamara but with a younger, hipper twist that’s not just in its interior design but its creative takes on Lebanese foods. Read more about it here.

    Al Khal


    With wooden pergola designs, it always seems like summer at Al Khal. Add authentic Egyptian food that will put the mothers of Egypt in fear into the mix and you have one of the best new restaurants of the year. Did we mention that they have a moveable Molokheya Station? Read the full review here.

    Lemony’s Cheesecake


    Lemony’s Cheesecake raised the bar for the increasing number of home-based, delivery-only food start-ups with their neat presentation, wide variety of cheesecake, and colourful packaging. We don’t know how come they don’t have a shop yet.



    If you’re in a hurry and need to grab quick lunch, but you’re also craving seafood with reasonable prices, then Bassaria is the go-to place. Their Fish & Chips, Fish Fattah and Fried Shrimp with Green Ketchup dip are a must try.



    From curry-infused Indian to Merguez, Sojo’s homemade sausages use a variety of different flavours from all over the world make it more than just another ‘gourmet street food’ restaurant jumping on the trend. Don’t believe us? Click here.

    For more reviews, check out the restaurant and cafe pages.