If you have a sweet tooth, then it’s good to live in Cairo. The city is full of dessert shops ranging from the super expensive gourmet delicatessen parlours to your basic street kiosks. It’s very possible to satisfy your sugar cravings for as little as 2LE in any neighbourhood in Cairo; and Maadi is no different.

Al Madina Al Monawara is a well-known dairy shop located on El Laselky Street, one of the busiest and most populated streets in Maadi, right beside Mo’men and Gad.

This small kiosk serves all kinds of juice, ice cream and dairy-based desserts such as rice pudding, belilah and couscous, as well as om ali, trifle and crêpes. The shop also sells milk, margarine and cheese as well as butter and yogurt.

This ground-floor shop is widely known for its fresh, high-quality and cheap desserts, which means it's always crowded; especially in the evenings. Al Madina Al Menawara is the kind of place where you gather with your friends for cold, tasty juice and ice cream on hot summer nights or couscous and delicious, hot Jamaica crêpes on chilly winter nights.

Al Madina Al Monawara’s prices are quite cheap: the Jamaica crêpe with chocolate and banana slices only costs 6.75LE, and is so delicious; you may never want to eat another crêpe ever again! Their ice cream costs 3LE, a tub of om ali costs 4.25LE, and the couscous with cream costs 7.5LE. Home delivery is also offered for an extra charge of 4LE.

Although it takes some time to get your order on a busy night, the staff at Al Madina Al Monawara are very decent and friendly. If it's not too crowded, you may find a staff member standing in front of the kiosk to take orders from parked cars on the street, so you can have your dessert delivered straight to your car.

Head to Al Madina Al Monawara if you want a cheap, tasty dessert like their creamy om ali or heavenly crêpe.