In a small town called Harmony, Tom Hanniger (Ackles) is a coal miner who accidentally causes a tragic accident in a tunnel, leaving five men dead and the only survivor, Harry Warden (Walters), in a permanent coma. Exactly one year after the accident, on Valentine’s Day, Harry wakes up thirsty for revenge. So he brutally murders twenty-two people with a pickaxe.

Exactly ten years later, Tom returns to Harmony still haunted by the deaths that he caused. He tries to forget his past while trying to deal with the fact that his ex-girlfriend Sarah (King) is now married to his best friend Axel (Smith), who also happens to be the town sheriff. That night, after years of silence, his worst nightmare comes true; as Harry hunts them down one by one.

As usual, the storyline exists purely to justify the brutal slashing scenes that continue till the very last minute of the film. For a change, the main character feels threatened from the start; Tom’s haunting thoughts keep audiences on edge and apprehensive of what is inevitably to follow.

As expected with slasher films, the film’s young cast are not the most talented actors. The characters are simply scripted and one-dimensional; but you’re not watching this film for Oscar-worthy performances. Ackles is annoyingly frightened from start to finish, which could make some audience members start rooting for the killer after the first half hour. Smith plays the tough guy character boringly by swearing a lot and looking to pick a fight whenever he can. King is thrown in as the love interest and has barely anything to add to the film. The best performance is that of Walters, who plays Harry with just enough conviction to be creepy despite having zero lines. Yet again, most people tend to ignore the plot and performances as long as the killings start, which can be understandable.

The good part about this film is that it’s shot in 3D. The 3D effects make the blood, explosions and even the pickaxe are all dramatically fly out of the screen at our faces for the first time. Bearing in mind that this film was made in 2009 before Avatar, the 3D effects are fine, but not as advanced as they are today. In fact, the 3D effects save the film in a big way; horror fans are in for a new and different experience.

My Bloody Valentine 3D is a silly horror film, but it’s meant to be that way; so why not enjoy it in 3D as well? Leave your brains at the doors, put on your 3D glasses, and get ready for mindless gore.