The American Pie gang are getting back together for their high school reunion and are bringing all their baggage with them. Jim (Biggs) and Michelle (Hannigan) are stuck in a sexless marriage; Oz (Klein) is being turned into a superficial dolt by his supermodel wife; Kevin (Nicholas) spends his time at home watching trashy reality TV, while Stifler (Scott) still acts like an obnoxious high school idiot. Finch (Thomas) is the only one who seems to be living the dream. He apparently spends his time biking across South America. Back home, problems arise in the form of ex girlfriends, Stifler’s mum, a band geek turned gorgeous and an old babysitter who’s now hot and legal.

The parts of the film that survived the censors’ onslaught aren’t particularly funny, though there are a few laugh-out-loud moments sandwiched in between the painfully awkward and the plain dull. The film is crammed with characters but focuses mainly on Jim and Michelle- one of the flatter storylines in the film. Far more interesting are the arcs of Finch and aforementioned band-geek Selena (Ramirez). But compared to the rest of the guys, Finch’s story is more of an afterthought. Another bum move is that the set-ups for some of the gags are particularly forced. Kara (Cobrin), the old babysitter, throws herself at Jim for no apparent reason and is determined to make him her first even though they haven’t seen each other in years. In another scene, Jim and Michelle- determined to spice up their nonexistent sex life- decide to have sex at Stifler’s house during a party and change into S&M wear to do so. Who does that? It’s not funny, it’s just baffling.

Seeing as the whole franchise’s sense of humour is based on sex and nudity, two things that have been scrubbed away diligently, the jokes barely make any sense. At least twenty minutes were cut out - the sanitized version is less than an hour-and-a-half, while the original clocks in at 113 minutes. American Reunion might be a good film- even hilarious. Unfortunately, it is impossible to judge it properly because it’s been butchered by the censors. At least twenty minutes were cut out - the sanitized version is less than an hour and a half while the original clocks in at 113 minutes. While you’re watching, you’re frantically trying to fill in the gaps to make sense of whatever it is that’s happening on screen. The most irritating part of all though is that releasing an incoherent film in the cinema is plain dishonest and seriously, it’s about time we implemented a rating system already.