After undergoing a year-long conversion to 3D, Spielberg's man-eating dinosaur adventure returns to haunt the big-screen. The 1993 adaptation of Michael Crichton's opulent novel of the same name had audiences around the world in awe and now, twenty years on, the monster-movie classic is still alive and kicking.

As before, the plot is centred on devoted palaeontologist, Dr. Alan Grant (Neill). Along with his girlfriend, paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler (Dern), and mathematician, Ian Malcolm (Goldblum), he is summoned to a tropical island theme-park situated somewhere near Costa Rica which is populated with genetically cloned dinosaurs and requires inspection and, more importantly, safety clearance.

The park's creator and owner, wealthy entrepreneur, John Hammond (Attenborough) is proud of his latest creation and is desperate to put an unexplained incident – which has left one of his workers dead – behind and ease the worrying mind of lawyer, Donald Gennaro (Ferrero).

Naturally, things soon get out of control when scheming computer programmer, Dennis Nedry (Knight), breaches the security system and unleashes the dinosaurs. Now, the visiting trio, along with Park Warden, Robert Muldoon (Peck), and Chief Engineer, Ray Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson), must fight for their lives, while trying to rescue Hammond's grandchildren, Tim (Mazzello) and Lex (Richards), from the blood-thirsty grips of the prehistoric creatures.

In the case of Jurrasic Park 3D, the new visual enhancements work very well. Already a film that displays Spielberg's extraordinary gift for storytelling as well as his masterful skill of building character and suspense, the 3D effects only heighten that feel. The director also manages to add another dimension and layer to the story; ever so subtle and never crossing the line of extreme, the larger-than-life presence of the carnivorous monsters and the breathtaking tropical backdrop of Isla Nublar is notably and radically impressive.

With all things considered, Jurrasic Park 3D stands the test of time and still manages to hold that commanding presence and power that it did back in the day. , Jurrasic Park 3D is one adventure worthy of revisiting; the roars are louder and the fear greater.