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360 Presents: Dj Tito
360 Presents: Dj Tito
Published On: 02/06/2010

‘There is nothing sweeter,’ says DJ Tito, ‘Than walking into a record store, collecting a bunch of random records in your bin, and staying there a couple of hours to listen to them.’

Born in Montreal, this Egyptian DJ had been spinning for a year on CDs, it all really started for him when he discovered vinyl records.

'For me, finding music has always been about digging through stacks of random records,' he told Cairo 360. ‘Now some of that takes place online, but I do take any opportunity I have to visit record stores. Nothing beats the real thing. ’

Tito first started organising loft parties in Boston and then in Montreal, where he’d also spin music. ‘As a DJ, I have always preferred the friendly party atmosphere to the stranger club scene,’ he said. ‘It is a better vibe both musically and socially.’

Tito is wary of the DJ label: to him being a DJ is not about the glamorous spotlight and the crowded parties; it’s more about the musical discovery that he makes and shares with his audience.

After moving to Cairo in 2009, he launched a new party concept called Nacelle; something that he’d been working on for a while. The idea behind Nacelle is to produce a dependable evening out in Cairo with good vibes, diverse music, and that intimate house-party vibe. Nacelle quite literally means the enclosure of an engine such as that of an airplane or a spacecraft.

‘I think it makes a nice metaphor,’ says Tito, ‘As it seeks to create an enclosure for people in Cairo to have fun listening and dancing to DJs that serve up great music...’

There's no hype about the parties, no pretences and no same-old music. Having been to several of the Nacelle parties, Cairo 360 can testify that every evening has a fun, relaxed vibe to it. Everyone there is friendly and unpretentious, while the music- an eclectic collection of jazz, hip-hop, funk, soul and house tracks that most people haven’t heard before- sets the mood for a relaxed cocktail date with friends or a pumped up night on the dancefloor.

DJ Tito has been collecting a lot of old funk and motown records lately; which feature heavily on his playlist at Nacelle. He enjoys starting out the evening with ‘early night tunes,’ as he calls them, before picking up the pace and spinning funky house party tracks. He also creates his own mixes of the music from the various nights, which are also available on his website.

After four successful nights at various Cairo nightspots, including Stiletto and Indigo, Nacelle will become a weekly event throughout summer 2010 at Orchid, an open-air nightclub on the Trianon Boat in Giza. He’ll be sharing the decks with several popular local and foreign DJs, promising an enjoyable night of groovy tunes of all genres.

Aside from Nacelle, DJ Tito also plays underground music such as minimal techno and tech house at the Cairo Jazz Club (check Cairo 360’s events for his upcoming shows).

‘There is a great niche following to this music in Cairo,’ he says. ‘Playing one genre in an evening allows to really focus on the dynamics of building up energy and bringing it down.’

DJ Tito’s Top Five Tracks:

1. ‘Potential’ by The Jimmy Castor Bunch: This is a sweet little gem that starts off with a great bass line and a casual classic funky sound. It then culminates in a hilarious vocal interaction with many of the greats! Watch out for the line: ‘If she got potential/Grab her.' Rings quite true! ‘This is by far my favourite song this year,’ he says.

2. ‘Sunday Morning’ by Undisputed Truth: Great song with a really groovy beat and soulful vocals recounting a story by a dude who buys a guitar and dreams of being a star and making his ’Mama‘ proud! ‘I got it off an interesting LP compilation from France 's Follow Me Records called Funck The Bug,’ he says.

3. ‘El Bandido’ by Nicolas Jaar: Jaar is a producer DJ that really transcends genre boundaries. ‘This track is an electronic track with a very organic chill dark funk vibe. Check out anything by this dude; you won't be disappointed’.

4. ‘The Hit’ by Crazy P: This is a luscious track produced recently and you can tell that he likes the old school. ‘I love when modern production goes truly funky,’ says Tito. The flipside has a great house remix by the Inland Knights. Check out Crazy P's work; very fun.

5. ‘Movin’ by Brass Construction: This is also off of a double LP compilation. It’s a great mellow yet pumping funk track released in 1975 that just makes you want to groove.

Check Cairo 360’s events for an upcoming Nacelle party, and for more info check out www.yeyemusic.com/nacelle .

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  • 360 Presents: Dj Tito
  • 360 Presents: Dj Tito


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