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Best Nightlife in Cairo: A Look Back at 2010
Best Nightlife in Cairo: A Look Back at 2010
Published On: 29/12/2010

It has been an interesting year for Cairo 360, sampling wines and cocktails, enjoying rooftop views and plush lounge chairs in Cairo’s best and most famous nightspots. Here is a round-up of our favourite bars, lounges, nightclubs and pubs in Cairo. We hope that 2011 will bring us even more fun nightlife options.

Best Concept Bar: Rouge

This sophisticated and graceful wine bar at the Swiss Hotel has proven to be of high calibre. Rouge offers a glass of wine while most other bars only offer bottles; so it provides you with a great opportunity to sample the latest local flavours. Non-wine drinks are also expertly made, including the French 75 cocktail. No matter the drink, Rouge knows how to pour and to that we bow our heads. Honourable Mention: Champagne Bar

Trendiest Bar: La Bodega

A long-time icon in Cairo’s nightlife culture, La Bodega in Zamalek boasts a trendy ambience with a large following of stylish patrons; leaving this bar/restaurant nearly always packed; even on week days. It's the spot you always end up in, either before a night of dancing or for a gathering with friends. Reservations are most highly recommended. Honourable Mentions: Indigo, Stage One

Best Pub: Pub 28
This tiny pub in Zamalek has attracted generations of Cairenes for its pub food with an oriental twist (the meatballs and chicken liver are delicious), tasty steaks and cold drinks. The pub is always crowded, the air is always smoky, but regulars keep returning for its laid-back atmosphere and for nostalgic memories of the good times passed. Honourable Mentions: BCA, ACE Club, Deals 3

Best Cocktails: Amici

Attracting quite the buzz since its recent opening, this small bar in the President Hotel offers deliciously smooth, moderately priced and creatively named cocktails from the kismeetini to the berry champagne punch, all of which are expertly created and mixed by their resident UK-based bartender. Reservations are highly necessary; but the drinks are well worth it. Honourable Mentions: Tamarai

Old-School Favourite: Cairo Jazz Club

The Cairo Jazz Club has remained consistent in offering good drinks, great live music and a relaxed atmosphere. This is not a bar that you need to put on your best suit for; it’s more about chatting with friends over drinks, sampling their finger food and tearing up the dance floor to the tunes of Cairo’s most popular DJs and live bands. Their door policy may be occasionally frustrating, but it’s also one of the venues that stays open the latest in Cairo. Honourable Mentions: The Cellar, Le Tabasco

Best Rooftop Bar: Happy City

With a number of pleasant rooftop bars around Cairo, Happy City is a Downtown bar that has taken it a notch above the rest. Its whimsical decor, comfortable lounge chairs and fresh air make the rooftop atmosphere that much better. Free mezzas, cheap beer and shisha, and a very quiet space make this a perfect spot for a relaxed drink with a view. Honourable Mentions: Nomad, Carlton Hotel And Bar

Best Nightspot to See and Be Seen: Tamarai

This glamorous nightclub is arguably the prime destination for Cairo’s elite. Tamarai’s cocktails are commendable, its interior is elegantly designed and its terrace offers open-air dancing in the summer, quite a rare feat in Cairo. Prices are high and reservations can be difficult; but this is the place to be if you want to dress up, dance and take part in some celebrity sighting while you’re at it. Honourable Mention: Aperitivo

Best Businessman’s Lounge: Ambassador Club

Stately, yet comfortable, this quiet Nile-side bar is conveniently situated in the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel with dark wooden bar, mahogany-hued couches and glass-topped coffee tables. Drinks are simple and straight-forward, but they’re also generous and mixed properly. This is the kind of lounge where you’d relax with a cigar and a whiskey sour, enjoying the peace and quiet off of the busy Cairo streets. Honourable Mention: Jazz Bar

Best Baladi Bar: El Horreya Café & Bar

This basic Downtown bar attracts an eclectic crowd of artists, tourists, Downtown locals and students. Commonly referred to as Downtown Cairo’s living room, the bar has arguably the cheapest beer in Cairo at 9.75LE a bottle. El Horreya’s charm is in its gritty and dilapidated decor but also in its familiar and low-key atmosphere.
Honourable Mention: Stella Bar



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