If you are anything like this reviewer, you’ll of think Lebanon as a charming and beautiful country. From the adorable Lebanese accent to the delicious scent of their freshly-baked food, everything about Lebanon fascinates us.

Offering a little taste of the culture in Citystars' food courts, Jabal Lebnan is a fast food outlet that has a forebodingly small number of customers. While you peruse the menu, you can see the chicken and beef shawerma being cooked behind the counter. The brick décor adds a sense of authenticity to the whole Lebanese experience.

The menu features Lebanese appetizers including cheese, beef and spinach sambousek. Beef and chicken sandwiches and dishes are also available. The service is friendly and moderately quick. We received our meals around ten minutes after we placed our orders.

We ordered a plate of garlic sauce (9 LE). Served on a small plastic plate with a black olive in the middle, the sharp taste of garlic was delicious refreshment to our senses.

The za'atar mana'eesh is a long time favourite of this reviewer. So it went without saying that we had to try it. Priced at 12 LE, we paid a mere 6 LE. A staff member later explained that there was a 50% sale on pizzas and all baked foods. Soft to the bite, we liked the mana'eesh, but disliked the scarce presence of za'atar. We were also very uncomfortable with the dripping oil that reeked of unwelcome calories. We actually had to numb our diet-conscious principles as we ate.

We then decided to have the shish tawook dish (35 LE). Four chicken pieces chicken are served with a side of your choice: rice, salad or fries. We opted for the fries, which turned out to be squishy and disgustingly oily. We guiltily bought some French fries from a nearby McDonald's, and dipping them in the garlic sauce made for a scrumptious combination. The chicken was well-marinated and had a rosy colour, and we ate it with no qualms.

We also sampled the chicken shawerma fatta (30 LE). Shredded chicken is served with tomato sauce and fried shami bread with a scoop of garlic sauce and pickled cucumber on top. The fatta wasn't the best that this reviewer has tasted, but it wasn't bad either.

Jabal Lebnan most certainly doesn't offer the best Lebanese cuisine in Cairo, but if you happen to be looking for a cheap alternative to satisfy your Lebanese cravings, it will definitely do the job.