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Cairo Guide to Where to Go for Fetar & Sohour
Cairo Guide to Where to Go for Fetar & Sohour
Published On: 15/08/2010

We all know that the first few days of Ramadan are spent in the comfort of your family home with your twenty closest relatives over a feast of food. Sooner or later, though, you'll get itchy feet and long for a late sohour or a quality fetar with your friends. Cairo 360 has tracked down the best in fetar and sohours on offer in Cairo. For the best in hotel fetars, check out our Cairo Guide to Hotel Fetars This Ramadan.

The Tents:

3al Nil: Running from 11 August until 10 September in Mojo’s on the Imperial Boat Zamalek, the lounge offers set menus 100LE on weekends, 75LE on weekdays. No kids, no veiled women (this is according to their reservations operator). Call 018 065 5560 for reservations.

El Shagara in Sangria offers sohour is for 100LE per person, excluding shisha. Call 02 2579 6512 for reservations.

Le Deck offers a five-course fetar menu at a set price of 190LE and a three-course sohour menu for 125LE. Call for reservations or book online.

Bab El Nil at the Fairmont Nile City offers an open buffet for fetar at 188LE and a sohour set menu for 145LE. Call 24619633 for reservations.

The Restaurants:


Crave has its regular menu, but the minimum charge will be raised from 70LE to 80LE; the same applies for the Zamalek branch.

Cellardoor Bistro has a special Ramadan set menu for 130LE, consisting of three courses, alongside its standard menu.

Condetti has added special Ramadan dishes to its menu, including cream of chicken soup (20LE), mixed grill (80LE), and zalabya (18LE). An oud player will perform every night from 11:30PM to 1:30AM.

Fuego will serve its regular menu, with the addition of Ramadan drinks. Fusion in Maadi will be closed throughout Ramadan, though its Giza branch will stay open. Cortigiano serves its regular menu.

El Shader will serve a special sohour menu at a minimum charge of 35LE during the week, and 50LE on Thursdays and Fridays. The venue closes at 4AM.

Cuba Cabana has three set menus of Lebanese cuisine for fetar ranging from 110LE to 175LE depending on your selection. Their standard menu is also available, while a sohour set menu costs 75LE. Reservations are necessary.

Grand Café has an open buffet for fetar at 111LE, and a sohour buffet for 56LE. Reservations and a deposit are required ahead of time.


Arabesque has a set fetar menu for 85LE and will include items such as molokheya. The sohour menu is set at 100LE per person and will include the traditional foul and eggs dishes.

Manial/ Giza:

Sky Lounge on the Nile Lilly Boat offers a set fetar menu for 140LE. For a main course you can choose between Cajun shrimps and Moroccon beef fillet with apricots. The sohour menu is for 100LE.

Pepe Pizza on the Ruby Tuesday boatoffers an all-you-can-eat buffet for 75LE at fetar time, while Ruby Tuesday on the Ruby Tuesday boat offers an open buffet for 120LE, including grilled meats, seafood and salads.

La Gourmandise in Giza’s First Mall holds a Ramadan tent and serves a special Lebanese and Moroccan a la carte menu from 8PM to 3AM.

Indigo has adapted its menu to an oriental buffet as well, serving a mixture of Asian, Chinese and Spanish dishes along with traditional oriental fare. The buffet is open from fetar to 9PM.


Abou El Sid in Zamalek offers its usual menu, though it can be reserved for large fetar groups.

36O Revolving Restaurant at the Cairo Tower will serve a set fetar menu for 150LE from Saturday till Wednesday and for 190LE on Thursday and Friday.

Le Pacha's River Boat restaurant on the deck will have an open buffet for 155LE. OnTop will be shut throughout Ramadan, but Carlo’s will be serving sohour for its usual 125LE-minimum charge.

Nile Maxim Boat offers a set fetar menu at 195LE with 90-minute cruise and a live oriental band, while Sequoia will serve a set fetar menu and an open buffet sohour (both for 200LE) as of August 14th.

Dar El Amar will serve an open buffet for fetar and sohour at150LE.

Both Mori Sushi and Pub 28 will continue to serve their standard menu throughout Ramadan.

MezzaLuna has a special fetar menu in addition to its usual pasta menu. Items include hummus tahini, Daoud basha and shish tawook. Call 012 2446190 or 012 7455722 for reservations.

Six October/Sheikh Zayed:

Mo Café will have its standard menu and will be closing its doors at 1AM, so no late sohours here. Try Plat D’Or for some Lebanese cuisine (no fetar menu), while Boosters’ healthy menu may be a welcome change from the heavy fetar meals.

Heliopolis/Nasr City:

Abo Shakra will not be serving a specific fetar menu, but will remain open until 2AM for sohour.

Casper And Gambini’s: will serve Ramadan dishes alongside its traditional menu.

Check out El Shabrawy, Mossab or Amo Hosny for some cheap fetar bites, or head down to Wagamama in Citystars, which has one of the fastest fetar-time services; your order will be on your table within mere minutes.

5th Settlement/Katameya:

Swing Café in Katameya Heights will host fetar with an a la carte menu at a mimum charge of 150LE. For sohour, Breeze offers sohour until 1AM for 80LE; note that Ramadan is the only time that shisha is served here.

Andrea in Mokattam has four set-menu choices to choose from; prices vary from 55LE to 70LE depending on your choice of main meat courses. The main course price does not include the accompanying salads, vegetables and rice buffet. Make sure you reserve a day in advance and all cancellations should be made two hours prior to fetar.

Please note that some prices listed above may not include service and tax charges. If you're planning a weekend fetar or sohour, be sure to book several days ahead. Tents like 3al Nil and El Shagara require reservations days ahead.

Happy Feasting!



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