With the opening of Designopolis and the introduction of international furniture brands to the Egyptian market, local competitors have been forced to rise to the challenge.

Zimmer at Designopolis is a well-stocked showroom of household furniture and accessories ranging from indoor furniture and lighting to outdoor furniture, rugs and accessories. Zimmer holds what is referred to as contemporary furniture; a fusion of classic and modern furnishing styles.

Furniture brands such as American Leather, Della Robbia, Julian Chichester, Val-Eur, Vanguard and Verellen Home Collection are represented in the spacious showroom. While the selection of furniture is not very large, individual items can compliment a space if well-placed. Prices range between 12,000LE and 22,000LE for coffee tables, which come in Plexi, high and regular glass, mirrors and wood. Sofas and beds – which come in both cotton and leather – are priced in the range of 30,000LE and upwards.

Pieces can also be upholstered by order and take about three to four months to deliver; a full selection of fabrics (US$ 24per yard to US$300 per yard) by international brands such as Beacon Hill, Fabricut, Innovations, S. Harris, Vervain, Trend and Robert Allen are available at the shop; payment in US$ is accepted.

Colourful cushions (200LE to 700LE), table runners, napkins (66LE) and napkin clips (30LE to 50LE) from Shades of India are also available. Outdoor furniture by Kevin Cobonpue ranges from 3000LE to 21,000LE. A selection of colourful tableware by Guzzini that is perfect for patio use ranges from 80LE to 600LE.

Textured wallpapers from Philip Jeffries Ltd. and Maya Romanoff range from US$40 (232LE) per yard to US$370 (2152LE) per yard and can be used to accentuate a wall or ceiling. Lighting from Arteriors home, Currey Company and Tozai Home is also available, ranging from 3500LE for a lamp or pendant to 23,000LE for a chandelier.

Zimmer also holds a line of modern rugs by El Kahhal – one of the oldest rug weavers in Egypt. Designs for modern homes are available and customisable, with a few selections by local designer Hassan Hassan on display. A range of patterns, swatches and materials are also available if you’re adventurous and want to make your own rug. Rugs are woven in acrylic, wool and cotton-silk; pricing is per square metre and delivery takes four weeks. Turkish patchwork rugs are also available and can be customise-sized to your house.