Geziret El Arab is this reviewer’s favourite shopping street in Mohandiseen with an abundance of clothing and shoe shops all lined up, including Chess. Although the dresses and skirts on display in the shop’s window are alluring, inside is in fact quite a disappointment.

Upon entering Chess, this reviewer was immediately ambushed by the overly attentive staff. The shop’s space is not that big and its racks are rather sloppily filled with clothes. Chess caries a variety of women’s clothing from evening dresses and skirts to bikinis and shoes. In the first section of the shop you can find short and long dresses, shirts and blouses, all of which are in really busy and colourful designs. If you’re looking for a leopard-print shirt with purple lining and diamantes spelling out ‘Gorgeous’ on your back, then look no further.

Chess also carries an extensive collection of what this reviewer believes to be imitation Burberry. The shirts start at 295LE and can actually go up to 325LE. If you ask us, that’s already pretty expensive for a synthetic shirt, especially if it’s a fake one too. Chess still carries a lot of navy inspired clothing and floral prints, as well as fluorescing shirts (250LE) that are a little blinding. In general, the shop’s clothes seem to be a few seasons old in terms of trends and designs.

The section carrying party dresses is a little more exciting. Though some dresses are of questionable taste, there are several reasonable and feasible options, especially the cocktail dresses. Prices start at 400LE for a dress and reach 900LE, which is not that bad when compared to other party dress suppliers in Cairo. A different section carries more casual dresses for around 300LE, but their designs and fabrics are very disappointing.

At the end of the shop is a small shoe and bikini section. All the shoes are high heeled with limited designs but in some funky colours, such as bright pink and neon yellow. Almost all shoes are priced at 365LE, but their quality was not that impressive. The bikini department is quite exciting with tons of different designs for 375LE per bikini.

Chess also stocks jeans and linen trousers for between 400LE and 500LE. Many of the cuts are high-waisted and imitation Burberry. This reviewer liked the white linen trousers, which are perfect in this hot summer weather.

If you are looking for a party dress or a bikini, then check out Chess. Other than that, the shop’s outdated designs and questionable quality of clothing make it a poor contender on Geziret El Arab’s list of clothing boutiques.