As global brands raid Cairo’s competitive fashion market with premium quality fabrics and internationally loved fads, local or lesser known shops can take advantage of the need for more shopper-friendly prices. Kiks in Genena Mall is a shop that presents exactly that in its new winter collection for women and girls’ clothes.

Just as Cairo’s weather keeps getting colder with every year, one can finally bask in some winter chic couture. Fortunately, the most noticeable thing in Kiks from the first glance is their obvious passion for coats. Variety of shapes, styles and materials of coats for different ages fill a large portion of the shop’s space while still giving shoppers lots of space to browse the items which are grouped into two sections.

The first one concerns adult’s sizes and styles such as a classy eight buttons double breasted coat in a rich dark green shade (245LE) though its wool has a rather too rough feel to it, and a bright white also double breasted long jacket (326LE) which has a very soft material this time but is missing real pockets which are replaced by two lookalikes on its front.

Still maintaining their formal edge, the shop also displays a couple of long, loose cardigans in a couple of earthly tones for 189LE alongside a petit black waist-length 2/3 sleeved knitted top with a large bow on its shoulder for 185LE, until the serious colours break into a light floral blouse (135LE) that gathers cheerful tones of pinks and oranges into a flowery print.

The second, smaller part of the shop is dedicated for young girls’ clothes suitable for younger kids to teenagers. It blends right in the ambience of the shop with a sleeveless checkered red, white and green dress accompanied by a traditional white shirt underneath (132LE). The kids section also displays a warm hooded sweatshirt for 134LE.

The price tags do get some double looks at times; prices at Kiks are less than what coats normally retail at in sales time, but again, it all comes down to a question of quality. While pullovers and jackets don’t clamor for attention with their soft or carefully sewn fabrics, they do pass if you’re looking for a good top that looks more expensive than it actually costs.