While Cairo has a lot to offer in terms of shopping, especially in more recent years, there are still certain items that don’t have a specific outlet and one would have no idea where to begin looking. If that item happens to be a curtain tassel, a zipper or a feather boa, El Nomrossy in Zamalek is the place to go.

Located at the end of Taha Hussien Street, just across from Yamama Center, the shop is easily identifiable with its huge name printed on the glass exterior; the colourful feathers and endless titbits seen from the outside are likely to attract your eye as well. The interior of the shop is nothing noteworthy; it is as basic and simple as the merchandise requires it to be.

Filling the walls from floor to ceiling, El Nomrosy stocks quite a random collection of things that there is no way to label it other than a knickknack shop. They have a large choice of beaded necklaces in all sorts of colours, as well as glittery ones. There are larger beads and smaller ones, longer ones and shorter ones; some are more unique, made up of a strand of different coloured skulls or peace signs. The cheapest of them is 15LE while the most expensive ones, which are the largest of the beads, go up to 50LE – with everything else falling somewhere in the middle.

El Nomrossy has quite an extensive choice of ribbons. Wider or more narrow, they come in black, white, all the colours of the rainbow, gold and silver; their patterns include floral prints, Indian inspired designs and a range of lace ones, with the latter costing 8LE per metre.

Other items one would find in this little shop are buttons in all sizes, colours and shapes, bright feather boas (30LE per metre), faux jewels that go for 3.50LE to 6LE per piece, sewing boxes in a variety of designs (45LE), and sewing accessories such as thimbles (4.50LE) and needles (1.50LE).

A perfect stop to go to if you have a costume to decorate, jewellery to make or an art piece to accessorise, El Nomrossy has jars and jars of sequins and tiny beads on its upper floor. In every colour imaginable as well as copper and crystal finishes, these beads are sold as a jar at either 50LE or 100LE.

The overall atmosphere isn’t particularly charming, the neon light leaves no room for a feeling of comfort inside the space, but at low prices and with a healthy collection of useful, random, not easily locatable items, El Nomrossy has upheld its importance among the neighbouring stylish boutiques.