As a writer, Eddie Morra (Cooper), has everything; looks, ambition and talent. Unfortunately, they're all wasted in his world of personal defeat. Slowly, his life is going down the drain, until he accidentally bumps into his ex's brother-in-law Vernon (Whitworth), who offers him a promising yet mysterious pill that could the kick-start of what is left of his talent. Unwillingly at first, Eddie decides that it's worth the chance and takes it, only to find that he’s transformed into a genius. So after achieving so much with only one pill, he naturally ask Vernon for more.

With his career and lifestyle on the up, Eddie's ex-girlfriend Lindy (Cornish) is back in the picture, not knowing that his sudden change of character and success are due to this mysterious drug. However, unforeseen circumstances lead Eddie into a darker world where he has to deal with a deadly Russian loan shark, his sinister new boss (De Niro), and his wary girlfriend. Eddie must now find a way to save his own skin, with or without the pills.

Based on the novel by Alan Glynn, many will find Limitless an innovative film, though fans of the book may find it disappointing. The plot is intriguing and is difficult to criticise as the book’s bestselling status has proven its successful formula. However, the film fails to deliver the suspense and intensity portrayed in the novel.

Limitless starts out solid, with a narrated introduction by Cooper, some very well-produced visuals, and an attention-demanding plot approaches. The highlighted scenes of the film, of course, are the ones that are shown after each pill is swallowed; where we're exposed to another level of story-telling. 

After starring in a string of successful films, Cooper is now one of Hollywood's biggest names. In Limitless, he tries a more dramatic approach that seems to be just as suitable as his more common comedy or action roles. It’s interesting to see his performance as a serious actor, sharing on-screen time with the legendary De Niro. Although De Niro’s appearance is brief, he gives a typical powerhouse performance. Cornish is a nice addition to the cast, offering a matured and warm performance as the wary love interest.

There's no doubt that Limitless is an enjoyable ride, but those seeking an edgy thriller should probably lower their expectations. The film brilliantly tackles the experience of swallowing the mystery pill; where the concept of fantasy meeting reality is executed creatively and colourfully. But when the film's stars are sober, the film loses its pace and edge. However, the ending is unexpected and will definitely jolt you out of any doubts about the plot.