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Motion Art Gallery Resumes the Season with Caroline Berzi’s ‘Genesis’

Motion Art Gallery Resumes the Season with Caroline Berzi’s ‘Genesis’

‎‘Rayeh Gai’: A Graduation Project that Reminds Us that Egypt Has More than Meets the Eye‎

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Egypt is far more than Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and Sinai.

Alexandria arts and culture +7

Cannes Lions Kicks Off Free Online Event on the Future of Creativity

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Mark your calendars for the upcoming five days!

arts & culture cannes +5

The Egyptian Cinema Experience: A Dream to Establish the First Interactive Film Museum in Egypt ‎

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An unorthodox celebration the Egyptian cinematic heritage.

cairo Cinema Cultural Palace +6

Malak El Husseiny Explores Emotions in a New Music Video

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The singer tells us about her single 'Can't Catch an Emotion'.

Amir Eid Can't Catch an Emotion +6

Absolute Egypt: A Map to Egypt’s Visual Soul ‎

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A dictionary to our nation’s contemporary culture.

Absolute Egypt applied arts +8

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