Where in Egypt can you find dinner and a show under one roof? At Intercontinental Citystars’ Japanese restaurant Shogun; that’s exactly what’s in store for you.

Shogun is a California-based chain of restaurants that specialises in sushi and teppanyaki. The latter is definitely their forte: delicious, filling and fun to watch; while their sushi menu is lengthy, and lacks authenticity.

A fish tank in the centre of the dining room is a pleasant touch in a rather cheesy restaurant that is reached by way of a step bridge over a fake river. Patrons have their choice of sitting at regular tables, which are perfect if everyone in your party wants sushi; or the teppanyaki tables with countertops around the flat grill.

This is not the best sushi restaurant in Cairo; true the fish is fresh, but the combination and execution are a little off. California rolls (65LE) are served with mayonnaise even though it is not listed with the ingredient on the menu. The tekka donburi (150LE) is a bowl of sushi rice topped with plenty of thinly sliced red tuna. It is a good option if you are craving fresh fish and want to fill up without paying for a huge amount of sushi.

Though Shogun isn’t our top sushi pick in town, try it out on Mondays when all-you-can-eat sushi costs 150LE++ and includes nearly everything on the long list of maki, sashimi and nigiri. Just don’t expect to find edamame or seaweed salad on the menu here.

The non-sushi menu includes soups, salads and entrées, but the best deal at Shogun is the teppanyaki meals (ranging from 195LE to around 300LE, depending on your choice of protein), which include miso soup, a shaved cabbage salad in sesame dressing, teppan meat, vegetables, fried rice and a fresh fruit plate. While the soup’s tofu is a bit overcooked and the salad’s dressing is rather weak, the meal is still more than satisfactory.

Watching the chef work– and toss the pepper shaker behind his back while balancing eggs atop one another on the hot plate– is a great pre-dinner entertainment. The main course is delicious; the only downside is waiting for it to cool! The marinade is heavy in garlic and not as salty as those of many of Cairo’s Teppanyaki restaurants. The succulent meat, savoury vegetables and fried rice at Shogun give us a real Japanese-inspired treat in Heliopolis.