Just as the title implies, Jackass is about a bunch of guys who perform pointless stupid stunts, sick jokes and hideous pranks on one another for the sake of filming a third winning feature. Originally, they started off with launching their own TV series on MTV back in 2000. Surprisingly enough, the show became a hit series for three years.

In their latest film, the whole crew is back with more material than before. There is no acting of any kind; instead there’s a group of people acting like fools to provide us with the usual laughs, but it appears that they’re getting tired of what they are doing. In more than one scene, you’ll watch Steve-O, Bam Margera and many other members apprehensive and wary of going ahead with the planned stunts, which have become extremely dangerous.

What’s significant about Jackass 3 is its budget (US$20million), or in other words, its production value: all the stunts featured in the film are well prepared and heavily equipped. For instance, the closing attempt titled as ‘Poo-cocktail Supreme’ is one of the biggest and most elaborate stunts in the film.

There’s isn’t much to be said about Jackass. The film has been a huge success in the US, generating profits almost six times its budget, so there will most probably be a fourth part to the film. Jackass 3D still contains the same disgusting pranks synonymous with the TV show. Also, it might be clever to note that if you’ve enjoyed watching films in 3D so far, this film might ruin it for you. As cinema audiences watched vomit, sweat and human waste in 3D, it’s easily said that we’re lucky enough to have missed watching Jackass 3D in cinemas.

This film is a must-see for fans of the series and its formula of painful pranks. Jackass 3D is actually creatively funny in its very own way; especially if you skip the sick pranks that are obviously essential to the franchise. However, if you’re not into it, then don’t bother even renting this film.